The Dude v6.36 publicado

The Dude v6.36 publicado

Junto con la publicación del release v6.36 del RouterOS también fue la del The Dude.

Por suerte MikroTik ha destinado desarrolladores para continuar con ésta aplicación, la cual es muy utilizada pero  tiene algunas deficiencias y errores que al parecer ya se están corrigiendo.

En esta nueva versión hay soporte de la arquitectura ARM por lo cual ahora se podrá instalar en los RouterBOARDs 3011 por ej.

A modo comentario, en la release candidate v6.37rc, le están agregando la posibilidad de configurar The Dude desde CLI (consola de rOS) con lo cual ahora se podrán realizar muchas modificaciones desde el mismo router directamente. Hay una nota de atención a quienes quieran testear este versión.

La lista de los cambios de la rama v6.36 es:

Changes in v6.36:
*) arm - added Dude server support;
*) Refactored functions (background changes). 
*) The Dude admins now rely on ROS users. User requires dude policy to connect to server;
*) The Dude now uses ROS log. Requires dude topic to be added in log rules; 
*) Removed data based commit interval change option in server settings;
*) Added comment option for servers in client loader window;
*) Added back log panel in client;
*) Various optimizations for server/client;
*) Various fixes and optimizations for db commit related issues. Now dude will warn user in form of log entry if there is to much commits queuing up. This will most likely point towards problem with storage drive write performance, asking user to move db to some faster storage medium;
*) Various performance improvements on server side background tasks;
*) Removed some legacy setting that were no longer relevant as the dude users are now controlled by ROS AAA;
*) Server package is now made smaller. Client side content upgrade is now removed from it and is downloaded straight from our cloud. So workstations on which client is used will require access to wan. Alternatively upgrade must be done by reinstalling the client on each new release;
*) Added - Check-box in dude client loader settings to allow upgrade/downgrade without prompting user each time;
*) Fixed - Client crash on version upgrade, if client had previously already connected to some server;
*) Fixed - Various server crashes;
*) Fixed - Various memory leaks;
*) Fixed - 100% load on one cpu core by dude process on server startup in some cases;
*) Fixed - Server crash that could happen on server disable event;
*) Fixed - Server adds some latency to when monitored device is pinged from server;
*) Fixed - Client - local pinger broken; (it still does require the client to used with admin permissions)
*) Fixed - Dude loader preferences menu "auto connect at startup" check-box seems to be ignored;
*) Fixed - Importing db from v4 removes assigned icons from devices/device-types;
*) Fixed - Memory related default function no longer work;
*) Fixed problem with sqlite storing it's tmp data on system disk even if dude store is located on another disk. Now vacuum tmp data is located in dude store and should no longer cause problems on server hosts with small system disk;
*) When device is added it will now have the same ROS login credentials as for the user in currently logged in client by default;
* Optimizations for larger setups where most monitored devices use secure mode; 
*) Fixed - Agent re-connection problems;
*) Fixed - Mac to Ip lookup;
*) Fixed - Auto-discovery feature for devices behind remote Agents;
*) Fixed - Access of ROS tab for devices behind remote Agents;
*) Fixed - Client crash which occurred when in device management window in snmp tab
under interface section any of interfaces where double clicked for detailed view;
*) Fixed - Auto-discovery tool has problems with typical homeAP/CPE setups that 
has snmp enabled (only one of many devices gets discovered. Due to identical LAN networks);
*) Fixed - Outages cannot be removed by "remove resolved" button;
*) Fixed - Link label does not show correct link speed when ROS mastering type is used, in place of 1G it shows 10M;
*) Fixed - diff64 function broken;
*) Fixed - Cannot add static element to map shows "no netmap" in status field;
*) Fixed - Server syslog port cannot be changed back to default if it has been changed one to something else;
*) Fixed - Server cannot upgrade device is it is running old ROS version: 5.26, 6.7. Error: "router packages unknown";
*) Fixed - Various problems with snmp probes;
*) Fixed - "..." button function in link configuration menu;
*) Fixed - ROS package list displaying in Devices -> ROS tab -> Devices sub-tab;
*) Fixed - Client crash on confirming various setting changes with "ok" and "apply" buttons;
*) Fixed - Client crash on Change of font size/type in static element;
*) Fixed - SNMP returns incorrectly formatted values from some of"/system health" menu kid's;

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.