SwOS v2.6 publicado

SwOS v2.6 publicado

Se ha publicado el release v2.6 del SwOS, sistema operativos para Switches MikroTik.

La lista de cambios es:

What's new in v2.6:

*) Make 'Change Password' work again;
*) CRS317 & CRS326: fixed DHCP request forwarding between trusted ports;
*) CRS317 & CRS326: fixed ACL vlanid match (values bigger than 1024 did not work);
*) CSS106-5G-1S: do not show health menu;
*) make upgrading work from Safari;
*) fixed saving of large lists of VLANs or ACLs;
*) fixed SNMP host table interface indexes;
*) fixed VLAN table sorting;
*) CSS106: fixed upgrading (to upgrade from v2.5 hit upgrade & then after a while reboot)

Se puede descargar desde el sitio de oficial de MikroTik.