Nuevas funcionalidades en RouterOS v6.38rc

Nuevas funcionalidades en RouterOS v6.38rc

En el release v6.38 se vendrán nuevas funcionalidades en el RouterOS, muchas de ellas han sido solicitadas por los usuarios desde hace tiempo.

Una de ella es el soporte de LLDPLink Layer Discovery Protocol-, es cual es un protocolo multivendor de capa de enlace que permite identificar dispositivos en una red.

Otra incorporación es el modo local-proxy-arp en ARP, funcionalidad que ha sido agradecida por los usuarios del sistema operativo.

En los dispositivos CRS (switch) ahora se podrá tener soporte de STP por hardware a través del chip switch de dichos dispositivos; funcionalidad que explicaremos en una noticia futura.

La politica TikApp ha sido adicionada para los usuarios que podrán ingresar al router; similar a la política Dude incorporada hace unas versiones atrás.

La gran lista de cambios es:

What's new in 6.38rc

!) ssl - fixed peer address/dns verification from certificate (affects sstp, fetch, capsman);
!) switch - added hardware stp functionality for CRS devices ( ... e_Protocol);
!) winbox - now Winbox 3.6 is the minimum version that can connect to RouterOS;
*) arp - added local-proxy-arp feature;
*) capsman - added possibility to change arp, mtu, l2mtu values in datapath configuration (CLI only);
*) console - fixed typo in web-proxy (passthru to passhtrough);
*) discovery - added LLDP support;
*) dude - (changes discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=112599);
*) export - do not show mac-address in export when it is not necessary;
*) firewall - added creation-time to address list entries;
*) firewall - fixed dynamic dummy firewall rules appearance in raw tables;
*) hotspot - fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again;
*) interface - do not treat multiple zeros as single zero on name comparison;
*) interface - show link stats in "/interface print stats-detail" output;
*) ipsec - allow to specify explicit split dns address;
*) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug when empty pfkey messages are received;
*) led - fixed default led settings for wAP2nDr2;
*) lte - fixed init delay after power reset;
*) mobile - added support for more Vodafone K4201-Z and ZTE MF90 modems;
*) package - fixed wireless package status after upgrade to 6.37;
*) rb850Gx2 - fixed pcb temperature monitor if temperature was above 60C;
*) snmp - do not allow to execute script if user does not have write permission;
*) tile - do not reboot device after watchdog disable/enable;
*) usb - fixed kernel failure when Nexus 6P device is removed;
*) userman - always re-fetch table data when switching between different menus;
*) userman - fixed timezone adjustment in reports;
*) users - added TikApp policy;
*) winbox - added loop-protect settings;
*) winbox - added passthrough state to web-proxy;
*) winbox - allow to unset http-proxy field on sstp client;
*) winbox - do not show health menu on RB951-2n;
*) winbox - do not show hotspot user profile incoming and outgoing filters and marks as set if there is no value specified;
*) winbox - fixed typo in dhcpv6 relay (DCHP to DHCP);
*) winbox - show address expiration time in dhcp client list;
*) winbox - show primary and secondary ntp addresses as if none are set;
*) wireless - added api command to report country-list (/interface/wireless/info/country-list);
*) wireless - fixed rare kernel failure when connecting to nv2 access point with legacy rate select;
*) wireless - show DFS flag in country-info command output; 
*) capsman - added possibility to change arp, mtu, l2mtu values in datapath configuration;
*) dude - (changes discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=112599);
*) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug for ph2 transform mismatch messages;
*) lte - improved dwm-222 support;
*) torch - fixed aggregate statistics appearance;
*) trafficgen - fixed crash when IPv6 traffic is processed;
*) userman - fixed memory leak on user limitation calculations;
*) winbox - removed spare values from loop-protect menu;
*) wireless - fixed custom channel extension-channel appearance in console;

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.