Mikrotik v3.24 y v4.03b liberado

Mikrotik v3.24 y v4.03b liberado

Se hán publicado 2 versiones de MikroTik que cambian un poco el rumbo del RouterOS de MikroTik ya que tienen unos agregados muy importante, creo que el mayor de ellos es el soporte de MIMO -802.11N- en la versión v4.03 del que hablaremos en otro tópico.

Las mejoras importantes que traen estas versiones es un arreglo para trabajar con SMP y el multicpu de MikroTik y la capacidad de correr un sistema operativo que no sea RouterOS en una virtualización MetaRouter.

El changelog dela v3.24 es el siguiente:

*) added ability to run non RouterOS in MetaROUTER;
*) improved address-list and layer7 firewall feature support for smp systems;
*) special-login items can now be disabled;
*) fixed special-login to update used-by property of port;
*) fixed USB UPS monitoring on RB433UAH;
*) console - 'print' command reuses assigned item numbers;
*) fixed issue with Cisco BGP VPLS when used between 2 RouterOS devices;
*) console - 'print' commands have new option 'follow-only' that continuously
    shows changes like the 'follow' option, but does not print all items
    at the beginning;
*) api - 'follow' and 'follow-only' options of 'print' commands now work,
    '.dead' property is reported for deleted items;
*) api - 'listen' command now is alias for 'print' with 'follow-only'
    opriont set;
*) api - several commands running in parallel could produce intermixed
    output, fixed;
*) console and api - fixed problem that caused property values sometimes to
    incorrectly have value '(unknown)', this could happen when running
    several console or api commands at once;
*) fixed BGP VPLS crash when site-id > 15 used somewhere in network;
*) changed BGP AS path number output format to ASPLAIN;
*) console - new scheduler tasks use trimmed effective user permissions as the
    default value of policy, previously default value was "read,write,test";
*) added ttl matcher to ipv4 firewall;
*) improved dns cache not to allow other RRs in statically configured domains;
*) fixed vlan on bonding;
*) fixed bonding modes balance-alb and balance-tlb;
*) added per-connection-classifier matcher to firewall;
*) fixed wireless Hw. Fragmentation Threshold in WinBox;
*) user manager - added option to specify custom Return URL
   for Authorize.Net payments;
*) user manager - write logs to syslog topic manager,account;
*) routing-test - support for per-VRF BGP instance redistribute settings;
*) routing-test - speed up BGP route processing;

El de la v4.03b :

*) added support for 802.11n atheros based wireless cards;
*) added ability to run other OSs in MetaROUTERs;
*) console: Lua scripting language. http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Lua
*) console: added nstreme-dual OIDs;
*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.23;
*) routing-test - added routing-table configuration to RIP;

Pueden bajar las versiones correspondiente a su arquitectura en el sitio de download