Mikrotik v.3.28 Publicado

Mikrotik v.3.28 Publicado

Hoy se ha liberado la nueva versión del sistema operativo RouterOS v3.28 y con novedades muy importantes. Entre los agregado mas sobresaliente tenemos que se pueden modificar las páginas de errores del webproxy, los usuarios que manejen información sensible debén tener la politica «sensitive».

Se ha solucionado un problema de bucles utilizando el protocolo mesh pero eso implica que no es compatible con las versiones anteriores. Por otro lado se le ha agregado la opción de broadcast para wake on lan.

El changelog completo es el siguiente:

What's new in 3.28:
*) fixed hotspot problem - on multi-processor systems it was not possible
to set IP address for hotspot client during login - deadlock did happen;
*) fixed hotspot problem - it was possible for hotspot to spike CPU usage to 100% and not to accept new logins during that time;
*) added ethernet broadcast support for WakeOnLan tool;
*) api - value of 'comment' property was only returned from 'system' package programs;
*) to see actual values of sensitive configuration parameters (such as passwords), user needs to possess policy 'sensitive';
*) avoid problems with western time zones by always advancing clock on
startup past january 2st 1970, 00:00:00 UTC;
*) added 'run-after-reset' argument to 'reset-configuration' command. It
allows to specify name of console script file to run after the
configuration reset reboots the router. When this argument is used any
other default configuration scripts are ignored.
*) route - fixed a crash;
*) routing-test - fixed OSPF routing table calculation;
*) send keepalives every 30s (was 3 min) on ppp clients - make some 3G connections more stable;
*) routing-test - changed BGP network and default-originate behaviour;
*) web proxy - allow to edit error page;
*) console - terminal window size change now does not trigger full terminal reset;
*) mesh protocol - improved loop prevention (becomes incompatible with earlier versions);

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