MikroTik SwOS v2.2 publicado

MikroTik SwOS v2.2 publicado

Se ha publicado la versión v2.2 del SwOS, el sistema operativo de Switches de MikroTik.

La lista de cambio es:

What's new in v2.2:

*) fixed CSS326 & CRS317 switch MAC address;
*) fixed CRS317 lockup;
*) make CSS326 & CRS317 10G links more stable;
*) fixed CRS317 temperature reading;
*) fixed problem where big ACL, VLAN or static hosts lists kept only couple of first entries;
*) made "Save Backup" work on CSS106;
*) SNMP: report always 0 in IF-MIB:ifOutQLen;
*) CSS106: report correct speed for SFP port via SNMP;

What's new in v2.1:

*) added support for per port and ACL ingress rate limitation to CSS326 & CRS317;
*) added support for LACP in CSS326 & CRS317;
*) fixed CSS106 accessing over VLAN;
*) fixed CSS106 ACL rules that change VLANs;
*) added tx/rx rates per port to CSS106;
*) SNMP: added support for BRIDGE MIB;
*) SNMP: added support for GetBulkRequest;

Se puede descargar directamente desde el sitio oficial de MikroTik.