MikroTik RouterOS v6.43.15 publicado

MikroTik RouterOS v6.43.15 publicado

Se ha publicado la versión v6.34.15 del RouterOS de la rama long-term.

La lista de cambios trata principalmente mejoras, entre las principales las de IPv6 y Wireless.

Los cambios son:

What's new in 6.43.15 (2019-May-10 12:44):

Changes in this release: 

*) dhcpv4-server - fixed commenting option for alerts;
*) dhcpv6-server - fixed binding setting update from RADIUS;
*) ike1 - improved stability for transport mode policies on initiator side;
*) ipv6 - adjusted IPv6 route cache max size;
*) ipv6 - adjust IPv6 route cache max size based on total RAM memory;
*) ipv6 - improved IPv6 neighbor table updating process;
*) lte - reset LTE modem only when SIM slot is changed on dual SIM slot devices;
*) lte - use default APN name "internet" when not provided;
*) rb2011 - removed "sfp-led" from "System/LEDs" menu;
*) rb4011 - fixed SFP+ interface full duplex and speed parameter behaviour;
*) rb4011 - improved SFP+ interface linking to 1Gbps;
*) smb - fixed possible buffer overflow;
*) snmp - added "radio-name" (mtxrWlRtabRadioName) OID support;
*) ssh - do not generate host key on configuration export;
*) switch - fixed possible crash when interface state changes and DHCP Snooping is enabled;
*) system - accept only valid path for "log-file" parameter in "port" menu;
*) userman - updated authorize.net gateway DNS name;
*) webfig - improved file handling;
*) winbox - improved file handling;
*) winbox - show "R" flag under "IPv6/DHCP Server/Bindings" tab;
*) wireless - added support for US FCC UNII-2 and Canada country profiles for LHG-5HPnD-US, RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US and SXTsq5HPnD-US devices;
*) wireless - improved wireless country settings for EU countries, outdoor models will use outdoor frequency range by default;
*) wireless - improved system stability for all devices with 802.11ac wireless;
*) wireless - improved wireless country settings for EU countries;

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.