MikroTik RouterOS v6.31 publicado

MikroTik RouterOS v6.31 publicado

Desde hace unos días tenemos disponible la v6.31 del RouterOS, la cual viene bien cargada de novedades.

Al parecer MikroTik le esta prestando mucha atención al Cloud Hosted Router (CHR), ya que le está agregando soporte para diferentes hardware de virtualización. De hecho en el foro de MikroTik, los usuarios están comentando sus excelentes resultados en ambientes VMware, Virtio.

Se le ha agregado el soporte de imágenes X86_64 para ambientes de virtualizaciones con esa arquitectura. Seguramente MikroTik en esta nueva etapa, en relación a virtualización, permitirá disponer de un único hardware y varios routers funcionando al mismo tiempo con el mismo hardware, trabajando en ambientes de mucha carga / trafico.

Otro agregado importante es el soporte de WMM-PowerSave en el paquete wireless-cm2, el cual permite el ahorro de batería en dispositivos que lo soporten.

La lista de cambios completa es:

*) check-for-update - added ability to select versions channel to check
(bugfix, current, RC or development)
*) demo mode of Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) added
*) chr - added x86_64 image for use in virtual environments
*) chr - added support for VMware SCSI virtual disks
*) chr - added support for VMware vmxnet3 network card
*) chr - added support for HyperV SCSI disks
*) chr - added support for HyperV Ethernet interfaces
*) chr - added support for virtio disks
*) fixed occasional interface resetting on CRS switches
*) fixed ethernet stopping on RB NetMetal / SXTG-5HPacD 10Mbit and 100Mbit links
*) ipsec - fixed crash in when gcm encryption was used
*) ipsec - allow to set peer address as "::/0"
*) ipsec - fixed empty sa-src address on acquire in tun mode
*) ipsec - show proposal info in export ipsec section
*) ipsec - preserve port wildcard when generating policy without port override
*) ipsec - fixed replay window, was accidentally disabled since version 6.30;
*) certificate manager - fixed memory leak
*) ssh - allow host key import/export
*) ssh - use 2048bit RSA host key when strong-crypto enabled
*) ssh - support RSA keys for user authentication
*) conntrack - fixed problem with manual connection removal
*) conntrack - added tcp-max-retrans-timeout and tcp-unacked-timeout
*) wireless - implemented l2mtu update if wireless-cm2 is enabled
*) wireless - improved WMM-PowerSave support in wireless-cm2 package
*) mpls - better multicore support for VPLS ingress/egress
*) ovpn - better multicore support for interface initialization/authentication/creation.
*) mesh - performance improvement
*) pptp & l2tp - fixed problem where android client could not connect if both dns names were not provided (was broken since v6.30)
*) user-manager - fixed username was not shown in /tool user-manager user
*) user-manager - fixed zoom for user-manager homepage when mobile devices used
*) winbox - restrict change dynamic interface fields
*) winbox - also hide passphrase in CAPsMAN with "Hide Password"
*) winbox - restrict reversed ranges in dst-port under firewall
*) quickset - fixed HomeAP mode
*) lcd - added LCD package for all architectures (for serial port LCD modules)
*) lcd - fixed crash (and 100% cpu usage) when interface gets removed from "stats-all" screen
*) tool fetch - fixed incomplete ftp download
*) tool fetch - don't trim [t]ftp leading slashes
*) proxy - adjust time according to time-zone settings in proxy cache contents.
*) bridge fastpath - fixed updating bridge FDB on receive (could cause TX traffic flooding on all bridge ports)
*) bonding fastpath - fixed possible crash when bonding master was also a bridge port
*) route - fixed crash on removing route that was aggregated
*) romon - fixed crash on SACKed tx segments
*) lte - improved modem identification to better support multiple identical modems
*) snmp - fixed system scripts table
*) traffic flow - fixed dynamic input/output interface reporting
*) ipv6 dhcp-relay - fixed problem loading configuration

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.