MikroTik RouterOS v6.27 publicado

MikroTik RouterOS v6.27 publicado

Un nuevo release fue publicado por MikroTik, en este caso la versión v6.27 del RouterOS.

La lista de cambios principalmente son nuevas funcionalidades en general. El changelog completo es:

What's new in 6.27 (2015-Feb-11 13:24):

*) console - added 'comment' parameter for '/system script'
*) api - return sentences can have property ".section" that groups values
from commands such as "monitor", "traceroute",
"print" (with non-zero 'interval' value);
*) cloud - add time zone detection feature "/system clock time-zone-autodetect";
*) cloud - rename "/ip cloud enabled" to "/ip cloud ddns-enabled";
*) cloud - make "/ip cloud update-time" independent from "/ip cloud ddns-enabled"
*) cloud - when setting "/ip cloud ddns-enabled" to "no" router will send
message to server to disable DNS name for this routerboard;
*) cloud - "/ip cloud force-update" command now will work also when
"/ip cloud ddns-enabled = no". usefull if user wants to disable DDNS;
*) RB4xxGL - improved ethernet throughput (less dropped packets);
*) RouterBOARD - fixed health reporting;
*) check-installation: fixed wrong kernel crc on powerpc boards
*) watchdog: fix software watchdog for x86
*) ssh - check conn state before sending disconnect message;
*) ipsec - fixed crash that happened in specific situation;

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.