MikroTik RouterOS v6.12 para testing

MikroTik RouterOS v6.12 para testing

Para quienes tengan la cuenta en MikroTik con la opción de testing podrán bajar y probar la versión v6.12 del RouterOS.

Según parece ha arreglado algunos bug que están siendo reportado en el foro de MikroTik. Algunas mejoras para los CCR también fueron incluídas, como una optimización de los buffer ethernet para reducir la cantidad de TX drops.

El changelog completo:

What's new in 6.0rc12 (2013-Mar-06 12:49):

*) lcd - changed All interface stat screen (bar graphs) to show total bandwidth usage, combine rx/tx together;
*) lcd - removed "all-interface-mode" option;
*) lcd - changed "Interfaces" screen to show interface usage similiar to All interface stat screen;
*) lcd - improved Interfaces -> * -> Info screen, added more wireless information;
*) lcd - added Registration Table screen for wireless interfaces under
   Interfaces -> 'wireless interface' -> Registration Table;
*) fixed occasional kernel crashes on CCR;
*) fixed other than only-hardware-queue interface queues on CCR;
*) lte - devices with vendor/product id pair 0x0f3d/0x68AA now uses directip inferface;
*) dhcp client v4 - option add-default-route now supports special-classless value;
*) significantly increased simple queue performance on multi core systems (up to 9x on CCR1036 with at least 32 top level simple queues)
*) ip arp - new property published;
*) web proxy - added new option max-cache-object-size,
   upper limit of max-client-connections and max-server-connections is now calculated from system RAM;
*) ospf - fixed inconsistency in external ECMP route calculation;
*) certificates - CA keys are no more cached, every CA operations now requires a valid CA passphrase.
   use set-ca-passphrase for scep server to cache CA key in encrypted form;
*) tool fetch - https support with optional certificate verification;
*) trafficgen - add support for ipv6 header;

Puede descargarse desde la cuenta de MikroTik para quienes sean testers.