MikroTik RouterOS v5.beta1 publicada

MikroTik RouterOS v5.beta1 publicada

Una excelente noticia tenemos para anunciar hoy y es que MikroTik publico la nueva rama del Sistema Operativo RouterOS. Con importantes cambios a nivel del kernel la v5 está ya tomando forma.

En el último MUM se explico mucho de lo que traerá esta nueva versión y sus funcionalidades acordes al momento en cuanto a VPN y seguridad.

Novedades como el soporte de SSTP (PPP over TLS) para las vpn, los nuevos drivers de las placas intel, funcionalidades de IPV6 entre otras cosas están con esta versión.

El changelog completo es el siguiente:

What's new in 5.0beta1 (2010-Mar-31 10:36):

*) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-;
*) ssh is now completely rewritten (supports connection forwarding, only DSA keys);
*) added support for SSTP protocol (PPP over TLS);
*) added support for multiple Intel Ethernet cards;
*) added support for IPv6 over PPP
   (enabled by default if ipv6 package is installed),
   link-local addresses are assigned, and server can issue IPv6 global prefixes
   to clients per ppp secret or RADIUS reply (Framed-IPv6-Prefix);
*) added proper support for MPLS over PPP (by default it is now disabled);
*) fixed RB800 temperature;
*) silentboot feature updated;
*) WinBox - any file dropped on WinBox will be uploaded to router;
*) multicast - fixed possible crash during PIM startup;
*) report platform name in "/sysrem resource";
*) fixed problem - vlans were not working on RB750 ether1;
*) fixed mac address handling on RB750, some specific arp requests did not work;
*) more than two dns servers allowed in /ip dns;
*) sniffer and torch could process packet from other interfaces;
*) ospf - fixed DR and BDR election;
*) ospf - changed "/routing ospf route" to show type 2 metric instead of
    internal metric for type 2 external routes;
*) added IPv6 support to trafflow (v9 only);
*) rewritten user-manager (formerly known as userman-test);

Se puede descargar del sitio de MikroTik y su torrent también está disponible