MikroTik RouterOS 5.0rc4 publicado

MikroTik RouterOS 5.0rc4 publicado

Hace un par de horas ha sido publicada la versión v5.0rc4 del RouterOS, tal cual como nos lo habían comentado la gente de MikroTik en el MUM de Colombia.

Tiene muchos cambios en su changelog, principalmente mejoras a nivel de Winbox, el cual ha corregido algunos problemas que tenía y también se le ha agregado varias opciones nuevas.

El listado completo de los cambios son:

What's new in 5.0rc4 (2010-Nov-22 16:58):
*) radius - fixed Disconnect and CoA response signature generation;
*) winbox - make double click work in text fields again;
*) winbox - allow to drag windows outside of main one to the left;
*) winbox - make some settings look more consistent;
*) winbox - allot to specify IPv6 address in routing filter prefix;
*) winbox - make possible to open IPv6 routes without crashing;
*) winbox - improved item reordering in long lists;
*) winbox - improved SNMP configuration support;
*) winbox - added support for KVM configuration;
*) winbox - added support for Traffic Engineering configuration;
*) ovpn - make ovpn client work with OpenVPN v2.1.3;
*) lcd - support Crystalfontz 631,633
   also support for Crystalfontz lcd contrast setting is added;
*) console - fixed missing return value of the ping command when executed
   from a scheduler entry;
*) console - 'ping' command with specified value of 'interface' always forced
   "arp-ping=yes", fixed;
*) routing - fixed problem with 'check-gateway' status update that could get
   triggered when multiple routes with different values of 'target-scope'
   and 'check-gateway' referenced the same gateway IP address;
*) store - allow to use external disks;
*) modem firmware directory can be specified in /port firmware
   Gobi users should change this setting or directory name;
*) ups - support USB UPS on RB4xx as well;
*) snmp - fix BER encoding for some INTEGER based values;
*) snmp - provide proxy stats using SQUID-MIB;
*) snmp - provide ups info using UPS-MIB;
*) snmp - provide external storage information;
*) wireless nv2 - add missing statistics fields;
*) wireless - add per-chain signal strength fields;
*) added hotspot html variable "host-ip";
*) fixed pcq queue type;
*) fixed leds on RB750;

Puede ser descargado desde el sitio de MikroTik en la sección descargas o desde el Winbox en System > Packges.