Mikrotik 3.23 y Dude 3.3 publicados

Mikrotik 3.23 y Dude 3.3 publicados

Seguidas han sido las actualizaciones que en estos dias ha publicado MikroTik y el changelog de la v3.23 del RouterOS trae cambios importante y además la lista es abultada.

Changelog del Mikrotik

*) fixed installation on fresh disks or VMs;
*) add 802.1ad Service Tag support for VLAN;
*) wireless - fix for RTS/CTS when used together with dynamic ACK timeout;
*) serial ports are now grouped per USB device;
*) added gsm info command to ppp-client;
*) added URL support to fetch tool;
*) added dial-on-demand mode to PPTP & L2TP clients;
*) ssh - now non-interactive console commands can reference variables;
*) fixed TFTP server logging;
*) fixed problem - "/system upgrade" (autoupgrade) did not show proper package
   architecture and was unable to fetch new packages;
*) fixed bug - hotspot 'walled garden ip' rules did not work on some boards
   after reboot;
*) added '/interface print stats' command;
*) improved support for OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol;
*) added OSPF sham links;
*) fixed a bug in set-bgp-prepend-path routing filter;
*) fixed some MPLS TE reoptimize bugs;
*) added MPLS TE bandwidth management features;
*) netwatch - ignore items with interval 0s, this value was causing
    netwatch to fail;
*) routing-test - added new type of gateway argument: ip address together with interface;
*) api - 'disabled' property was not available from api since 3.21, fixed;
*) api - added support for retrieving OID values;
*) api - removed special behaviour of 'find' command under API. Use
    'print' command with queries instead of 'find'. This change fixes
    scripts that are started from API and contain 'find' command.
*) console - removed support for octal numbers, now string of digits with
    a leading zero is interpreted as decimal number;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
    POSIX extended regular expression;
*) console now accepts decimal numbers with k/K M G T P suffixes for
     values of some properties;
*) console - fixed export problems:
    if long line is wrapped just before space charater, the space character
      has to be escaped, otherwise it is lost;
    errors during export generated a comment line that was incorrectly enclosed
      in quotes;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
    POSIX extended regular expression;
*) scheduler - added owner and policy properties; all existing
    scheduler entries will get owner name "*sched" and policy
*) routing-test - allow to specify that route gateway is in the main routing table;
*) added route cache statistics;
*) fixed mesh protocol;
*) graphing - fixed IP address mask display issue for low endian architectures;

El changelog del Dude con una lista de pequeños cambios

  • improved dude admin and device password security
  • fixed devices loosing dns names
  • fixed snmp
  • other fixes

Pueden bajar la versión del Mikrotik RouterOS y el Dude en el sitio oficial.