AirOS Firmware 5.5.6 publicado

AirOS Firmware 5.5.6 publicado

Hace un par de horas Ubiquiti ha publicado la versión 5.5.6 del firmware del AirOS para sus productos.

La lista de cambios es la siguiente:

Version 5.5.6-Service Release (June 03, 2013)

Regulatory updates:
- New: Lock country code for Ukraine 
- Fix: Rocket M5 Titanium: DFS band unlock with authorisation key
- Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU/Switzerland,  turn DFS ON after FW upgrade
- Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for EU countries (indoor range)
- Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for Vietnam (in frequency range 5150-5350 MHz)
- Fix: Regulatory update for Norway (5GHz band frequencies and EIRP limits update)

- WEB UI: Channel list with indication for Indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)
- WEB UI: Possibility to hide indoor channels  (EU/Switzerland)

- Fix: Sometimes AP stops passing traffic in PtMP setup 
- Fix: UAPSD power saving problems 
- Fix: In some cases web server may lock up after some time due to memory leak (possible fix)
- Fix: Polycom SpectraLink 8030 wireless phone connection issues
- Fix: AirGrid M5 HP: Change Antenna gain from 28dBi to 27dBi according antenna specification

Se puede obtener directamente desde el sitio de descarga de Ubiquiti