HCL: Lista de Hardware Compatible con Mikrotik

Listado de Hardware testeado con MikroTik RouterOS.

Ultima Actualización: 5 – Octubre -2011


VendorModelROS versionResult
AsrockIntel 82801G chipset3.0-3.14Bad performance, locks up under heavy load, supports multi cpu, PATA not supported, integrated ethernet not recognized. Maybe it’s just Asrock bad motherboard don’t know if the problem is in intel 82801G chipset tested on 2 motherboards, never tested on 2.9.x
ASUS P5B-Deluxe (Intel P965, 3xPCI, 3xPCI-E)3.13Works fine on Intel Core 2 Duo E6400. Not supported PATA controller. Both integrated Gigabit NIC (Marvell Yukon 88E8056 & 88E8001) works fine but only at 100Mbps.
ASUSP5B-V (Intel P965, 3xPCI, 4xPCI-E)3.13Works fine on Intel Dual Core E2180. Not supported PATA controller. Integrated Gigabit NIC Marvell Yukon 88E8001 works fine but only at 100Mbps. Winbox via MAC = problem, disconnects after 3 seconds. Winbox via IP no problem.
ASUSP5KC (Intel P35, 3x PCI, 3xPCI-E)3.10Not supported PATA controller (JMicron JMB363), ROS can boot from USB flash drive; internal ethernet not recognized.
ASUSP5GC-MX/1333 (2x PCI)3.7Works great for pentium dual-core e2160, hdd pata and sata, 1,5gb ram dual channel mode, except the attansic l2 ethernet onboard card is not recognized.
ASUSP5GC (6xPCI)2.9.39Ethernet recognized but not working
ASUSP7P55D PRO4.5Works ok, PATA controller (JMicron JM363) and internal Ethernet successfully recognized.
ASUSP6T SE4.0RouterOS boots and works with SATA disk set to ‘IDE compatibility mode’.
ASUSA7V133-C3.0 beta 7Works fine
ASUSA7V600-X3.25Works fine
EPoXEP-4VKMI3.16 – 3.24Works fine.
EPoX8RDA+3.6Work fine including integrated ethernet
IntelD815EGEW2.9.xExcellent performance under 2.9. Not tested under v3. Onboard Ethernet Works perfectly.
IntelDG9502.9.42Ethernet not recognized
Intel D945GCCRL2.9.43 & 3.0 beta 5Ethernet & DoM not recognized
Intel D945GCLF23.234 core’s, 2gb ram, 32gb ssd, no problems.
IntelD945GCPE3.0 beta 9Work fine including integrated ethernet
Intel D945GCNL3.11Works fine but integrated ethernet (just disable) goes up and down on reboots multi-cpu= yes. shared IRQ for PCI devices, decrease nic performace.
IntelD945GNT2.9.45Works fine
IntelDP55WG4.6multi-cpu smp works great, onboard NIC not supported by RouterOS 4.6 yet though, must use pci/pci express nics
IntelDQ965GFEKR (D41676)3.7, 3.4Works fine on 3.7/3.4 if multi-cpu=no, BUT 3.5-3.7 fail to boot with E4600 processor and multi-cpu=yes
Intel D845GVSRL3.7, 3.1, 2.9Very Stable, used for 4 years
IntelDG965SWH3.0 beta 9Works fine, but only with SATA not IDE
IntelDG33FB3.7Works fine, Ethernet but not working (IRQ 9), set in BIOS Security/XD Tegnology to disable
IntelS3210SHLC4.2Boot from USB stick. Work fine for my PPPoE server. Up to 1300 users with summary 200Mbit traffic.
IntelD945GZT-M3.0rc4Works fine
Chaintech AADF9503.0 beta 5Works fine
AbitKT7E3.0 beta 7Works fine
ECS nForce3-A3.6Work fine including integrated ethernet
ECSP4M800PRO-M4782.9.43No Apparent Problems, Disabled any unneeded devices in the BIOS
VIAEPIA-MII120002.9.42Locks up under heavy load across wireless
Supermicro5015M-MR2.9.28Motherboard is PDSMi w dual core
SupermicroPDSBM-LN2+2.9.51 & 3.16http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=28184
SupermicroPDSMi-LN4+2.9.51, 3.13, 3.20Very stable even with dual-cores enabled.
GigabyteGA-41M-ES2L3.28Works fine; CPU Intel Core2 Dual 2.7GHz; 2XRB44GV
GigabyteGA-6BXS2.9.43Works fine
Gigabyte GA-8I848P-G3.6Work fine including integrated ethernet
GigabyteGA-8ST667 rev. 3.03.13Works fine; CPU Intel Celeron 2,4GHz; Chipset SiS 645DX; 5xPCI;
GigabyteGA-M720-US3 rev 1.04.6Works fine (downvolted to 1.1V)
GigabyteGA-MA790GP-UD4H3.30Works fine
GigabyteK8-NS-ULTRA2.9.x-3.7Excelent work, including both onboard ethernet (100 and 1000 lan)
GigabyteGA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 2.0)3.10Works fine and extreme stable include onboard LAN, IDE DOM can load normally
Chipset P35 (Tested Using Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L & Abit IP35)3.7Work fine but only with SATA, not IDE (Include DOM), bellow v3.7 problem with SATA too
Microsoft Virtual PC 20073.7Installs and and tries to boot.
VMwareWorkstation v6.0.33.7Runs Wicked Fast! I have had up to 8 Ethernet interfaces running simultaneously.
VMwareESXi v43.30Select IDE type for virtual disk – works perfectly!
Xen 3.2.1 on Intel C2Q4.xInstalls and runs fine on HVM bootloader using Intel VT technology. Even switches to RouterOS console from Dom0 shell. Ethernet interfaces work perfectly. Do not install xen/kvm RouterOS packages!
DFIAD73 Pro (Chipset VIA KT266A/VT8233ACD)2.9.x-3.30Works fine. All 5 PCI’s ocupied with 1 x LAN and 6 x R52H’s (3 in RouterBoard11 and 3 in RouterBoard14!)
DFIAK75-EC (Chipset VIA KT133A/686B)3.14-3.30Stable. All PCI’s ocupied with LAN, miniPCI-PCI adapters fitted with R5H/R52H’s and XR5’s
Fujitsu SiemensPrimergy RX100S53.1, 3.7, 3.22Can Install from Netinstall with RAID (LSI) Controller enable. Can’t install from CD and Netinstall with only SATA or PATA mode. But NOT RUN
MSI785GM-E514.11Works fine, booted from USB stick, integrated LAN working

Ethernet chipsets

VendorModelROS versionResult
3Com3c905B Cyclone 100BaseTX2.9.51Works! Extremely reliable, doesn’t fully support tagged vlans
3Com3cSOHO100-TX [Hurricane] (rev: 48)3.14rc1Works
3Com3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] (rev: 120)2.9.51Works! Extremely reliable, doesn’t fully support tagged vlans
3Com 3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] (rev: 116)2.9.51Works! Extremely reliable, doesn’t fully support tagged vlans
3Com3c905B-FX Fast Etherlink XL FX 100baseFx [Cyclone] (rev: 0)2.9.43Works but no link in Winbox and no Graph in Dude !!!!
IntelS82557 10/100MBit2.9.43works
IntelPWLA8391GT PRO1000/GT3.7, 3.1, 2.9Extremely Stable, used for years
IntelPWLA8391GTL PRO1000/GT3.4Extremely Stable, used for years
Intel82575EB & 8257GB3.15Added support
Intel82576 Gigabit ET Quad port4.5Not recognized
Intel82572EI (EXPI9300PTBLK)4.5, 4.6Works
Intel82572GI (EXPI9400PTBLK)4.5Works
Intel82574L (EXPI9301CT)5.0 beta 1Supported in ROS 5 / Works
Intel82571EB (EXPI9404PT) QUAD4.6Works
IntelS82557/S82555 10/100 Mbit TX2.9.50 / 3.16Works Stable! FCC ID:EJMNPDSPD035
IntelPRO 1000 MT2.9.51Works
Intel82541GI/PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev: 5)2.9.49Working
Intel10Gbit Ethernet PCI Express3.17Works
Intel82557/8/9 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev: 5)/Dual ports(Two ports/2-port)/RJ-45″4.10Works, fine!
D-LinkDFE-528TX rev. E13.13Works
D-LinkDFE-580TX 4-port3.0 beta 5Bad card, not recommended. Hangs router
D-LinkDFE-530/538TX2.9.43 – 3.xWorks well, no apparent problems.
D-LinkDUB-E100 USB3.18added support, reported to be working
Marvell88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev: 20)3.13Works
Marvell88E80563.6reported to be working with some BIOS setting enabled
DECchip21143 (ZYNX ZX410 4-port cPCI)2.9.51Working
RealtekRTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet x4 (rev: 16)3.0-3.11Working Extremely reliable, used 4 mounts
RealtekRTL8111 (10/100/1000Mbit)3.10Seems to be working only in older RouterOS v3 releases, v3.10 and before.
RealtekRTL8111C, RTL8111DL (10/100/1000Mbit)4.6 – 4.11Working
RealtekRTL8139D3.xSome work, others don’t. Check for yourself.
RealtekRTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev: 16)4.9 & 4.10Works, fine!
RealtekRTL-8029(AS) (rev: 0)»4.9 & 4.10Works, fine!
VIAVT6102 [Rhine-II] (rev: 67)»4.9 & 4.10Works, fine!

x86 Systems

ModelROS versionResult
Dell Optiplex GX12.9.x-3.0Intel onboard/cpu 450-600Mhz, eth:3com, best for wirless stations; uptime over 200d, no problems at all.
Compaq Presario 22822.9.43With 3c905 [Boomerang], no apparent problems
Dell GX1002.9.x – 3.7Intel onboard, 2 free pci, Intel cpu
Dell GX2402.9.x – 3.7Intel onboard, 2 free pci, Intel cpu, IDE HDD.
Dell GX2602.9.x – 3.7Intel onboard, 2 free pci, Intel cpu, IDE HDD.
Dell GX2702.9.x – 3.7Intel onboard, 2 free pci, Intel cpu. IDE HDD.
Dell GX2802.9.x – 3.7Intel onboard, 2 free pci, Intel cpu, SATA HDD.
Dell Dimension XPS GEN 32.9.xLan Onboard, 4 free pci, Intel cpu , SATA HDD ( Excellent Stability )
Dell Inspiron Desktop 5182.9.x – 3.7After netinsall stuck on «loading system»
Dell PowerEdge 8603.x1U Rackmount, 2x Broadcom Gigabit onboard, 1x Intel CPU (many options), 1 PCI/1 PCIe or 2 PCIe riser options, SATA HDD ONLY. (some issues with floppy netinstall)
Dell PowerEdge R200>= 3.19 recommendedSevere stability and clock issues with non-current ROS. Works like a top on 3.19 though. Also, if using an SATA-to-CF converter, the license key for the CF card in an R200 will only transfer to other R200’s without Mikrotik reissuing it.
Dell PowerEdge R2105.1 – 5.61U Rackmount. Half-depth (39cm) chassis. Dual port on-board Broadcom 5716 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Single CPU on Intel 3420 Motherboard Chipset. Works OK and stable, once installed. Some issues with NetInstall – PXE boot works OK but install can’t continue (says waiting for drivers…). Tested with Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter – works perfectly.
Dell PowerEdge R3105.0rc71U Rackmount. 2 x on-board Broadcom 5716 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Single CPU on Intel 3420 Motherboard Chipset. Works OK and stable, once installed. Some issues with NetInstall – PXE boot works OK but install can’t continue (says waiting for drivers…). Tested with Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter – works perfectly.
Dell PowerEdge 29503.x2U Rackmount, Optional Redundant Power Supplies, 2x Broadcom Gigabit onboard, 2x Intel CPU (many options), 2- 8xPCIe & 1- 4xPCIe Standard (other risers available), SATA HDD ONLY, 2x internal USB – MUST SPECIAL ORDER WITHOUT RAID CONTROLLER. (some issues with floppy netinstall)}
HP Proliant DL380 G53.17Works, but only if installed from CDROM (Netinstall to Windows mounted HDD causes issues)
Asus EEE PC 7013.xSFF Laptop, 1×10/100 ethernet (Not detected), Stock Wireless unsupported (AR5007E In Mini-PCIX slot), 630/900Mhz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB SSD (Not detected), USB2.0 Bootable, SDHC Reader functions as a USB Stick
Dell PowerEdge SC14253.xRackmount, Intel Xeon 2.8 1MB 800FSB, 1024MB DDR2 PC3200 ECC, 2x Intel 82541GI Gigabit Ethernet, HD150gb SATA, USB works, very stable
Fujitsu Siemens Primergy RX100S53.7, 3.22Can Install from Netinstall with RAID (LSI) Controller enable. Can’t install from CD and Netinstall with only SATA or PATA mode. But NOT RUN
Toshiba Magnia SG202.9.44CPU Celeron, VIA chipsets, onboard LAN Realtek and Intel, IDE HDD, PCMCIA tested with Orinoco Silver, miniPCI LT WinModem not work
Advantech FWA-38004.11CPU Intel Core2 Duo 2,93GHz, 2GB RAM DDR2, 6 x Intel 1Gbps PCIe NIC, 1U size, works good as BGP router

Embedded Controllers

ModelROS versionResult
WRAP.1E-22.9.51, 3.73 Ethernet, 1 miniPCI, 128 MB – Working
WRAP.2E2.9.51, 3.7, 3.9, 3.101 Ethernet, 2 MiniPCI, 128 MB – Work fine
ALIX 2-22.9.482 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI – Working
Adlink cPCI-6770 Low Power Pentium III2.9 and 3.0CompactPCI CPU Module – Working, excellent performance!
Advantech PCA-67512.9.49Working
Soekris 4801-502.9.483 Ethernet, 128MB, CF 512MB – Working
Soekris 4826-483.10233 Mhz CPU, 128 Mbyte SDRAM, 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial, 256 Mbyte CF Flash, 2 Mini-PCI sockets, PoE. Limited power available/runs only 1 high power card (@26dB) along with another lower power card (@17dB)
Soekris net4801-48/50 + lan16413.22All 7 (3+4) ethernet works, USB works (tested with Huawei 3G modem), extra serial port works. And RouterOS installed on CF card.
ALIX 2C02.9,3.02 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI ,128Mb 433Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect
ALIX 2C12.9,3.02 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI ,128Mb 433Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect
ALIX 2C32.9,3.02 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI ,256Mb 500Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect
ALIX 3C12.9,3.02 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI ,128Mb 433Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect
ALIX 3C22.9,3.02 Ethernet, 2 miniPCI ,256Mb 500Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect
ALIX 2D135.23 Ethernet, 1 miniPCI ,256Mb 500Mhz Amd Geode- Working Perfect

3G cards

ModelTested RouterOS versionCommentsFormat
AirPrime/Sierra PC 5220!v3PCMCIA
Alcatel One Touch X020X USBv5RC10didn’t work, probably need to do it like usb_modeswitch does itUSB
AnyData ADU E100A(aka «USB Wireless HSDPA/UMTS 2.1GHz GSM/GPRS/EGPRS 900/17000MHz/CDMA 1x EVDO Rev.A»)v3.14USB
AnyData ADU 500A USB(aka «USB Wireless HSDPA/UMTS 2.1GHz GSM/GPRS/EGPRS 900/1800MHz/CDMA 1x EVDO Rev.A»)v3.14USB
Audiovox PC5220 CDMA Dual Band 1XEV-DO PC Cardv3PCMCIA
C-motech CNU-680 CDMA 1x EV-DO 450Mhz USB Modem (used by Triatel) [1]v3.22USB
Dell 5520v3
Ericsson_F3507g_Mobile_Broadband_Module[2]V3.28Set init string AT+CFUN=1, data channel and info channel to 3.MiniPCI-e
Huawei E226 USB modem,3.25USB
Huawei E220 USB modem, E200BIS [3]3.0rc8USB
Huawei E169 USB modem (used by Tele2)[4]3.22USB
Huawei E180 USB modem3.20USB
Huawei E1550 [5]v3.26USB
Huawei E1553 (USB)v4.6USB
Siemens M20v3.28
Huawei Mobile Connect Model E620 (3G);v3
Kyocera KPC650v3
Nokia CS-17 (USB)v5.0data channel=2, info channel=4USB
Novatel EU740v3MiniPCI-e
Novatel EU870 [6]v3MiniPCI-e
Novatel EV620 CDMA/EV-DOv3MiniPCI-e
Novatel Merlin ES620 / Merlin ES720 / Ovation U720 [7]v3USB
Novatel Merlin ES620 SM Busv3
Novatel Merlin S720 (HSDPA) [8]v3PCMCIA
Novatel Merlin XU870 HSDPA/3G [9]v3ExpressCard
Novatel U720 Wireless CDMA Modemv4.5USB
Novatel U730 (Wireless HSDPA Modem)[10]v3PCMCIA
Novatel Wireless CDMA cardv3
Option Fusion UMTS Quad-GPRS (Vodafone Globetrotter);v3.4
Option Globetrotter HSDPA USB aka Teltonika ModemUSB/H7.2 (U3G150) [11]v3USB
Option Qualcomm 3G WCDMA Model M00201-10886 (GTM378) [12]v3.27works also in RouterBOARD with miniPCI-e slot and SIM slot (SIM slot required)miniPCI-e
Option Qualcomm 3G CDMA Model M00301 (GTM380) [13]v3.28works in RouterBOARD 411U with miniPCI-e slot and SIM slot (SIM slot required). Set data channel and info channel to 3.miniPCI-e
Option Qualcomm 3G CDMA Model M00401 (GTM382) [14]v3.28 & v4.6works in RouterBOARD 411U with miniPCI-e slot and SIM slot. Set data channel and info channel to 3. Performance on CZ O2 in Prague HSDPA connection about 2.6Mbit download and 0.7Mbit upload. Latency between 100-300ms. Application based on this on http://carlive.cz[15]. UPDATE: connection freezes sometimes, reboot of routerboard doesn’t help, it’s needed to disconnect from power supply and reconnect again to get it working.miniPCI-e
Ericsson 3G F3607gw miniPCI-ev3.28works in RouterBOARD 411U with miniPCI-e slot and SIM slot (SIM slot required). Set data channel and info channel to 2. Set init string AT+CFUN=1miniPCI-e
Sierra Aircard 595 [16]v3PCMCIA
Sierra Aircard 595U USB Sprint Card [17]v3USB
Sierra Wireless USB 308 or AT&T Shockwave [18]v5.0rc11AT Commands are sent through Data Channel 2 or 3. Change this under Interface -> PPP, General Tab using Advanced Mode, or command line /interface ppp-client set 0 data-channel=2USB
Sierra Wireless AirCard 312U [19]v5.2Use Info and Data Channel 2. Modem also known in Australia as the Telstra BigPond Ultimate and works fine.USB
Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 [20]v3PCMCIA
Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 [21]v3PCMCIA
Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E [22]v3ExpressCard
Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 [23]v3PCMCIA
Sierra Wireless AirCard 880 [24]v3.8PCMCIA
Sierra Wireless AirCard 880 E [25]v3.8ExpressCard
Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 [26]v3.8PCMCIA
Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 E [27]v3.8ExpressCard
Sierra Wireless EM5625 [28]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC5720 [29]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC5725 [30]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8705 [31]v5.1Works fine on RB411UAHR. Data and Info channel are 3. Suitable for 850,900 and 2100Mhz 3G networks. GPS not yet tested. Sim card slot required. Capable of HSPA+ speeds of 21Mbps down and 5.76Mbps up.MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8755 [32]v3Users have reported that the device doesn’t show up after shutdown, reboot is required. Init-string: ATE0V1&D2&C1S0=0+IFC=2,2;AT+CGDCONT=1,»IP»,»apn-string»; – where the apn-string is your correct APN. A reboot can be required after settings are changed, to make it working. Data and Info channel are 0.MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8755 for Europe [33]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8765 [34]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8775 [35]v3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8780 [36]v3.8MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC5725 [37]v3.18MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC5727 [38]v3.18MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8785v3.18MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8790 [39]v3.18Few models do not send echo for input commands, modem does not work properly.MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8792 [40]v5.2Info works only in channel 3. Channels 4 and 5 has limited AT set. datachannel=4, infochannel=3MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless MC8781 [41]v3.8MiniPCI-e
Sierra Wireless Sierra 598 (Sprint) USB[42]v3.xUSB
Sierra Wireless MP3G – EVDOv3.8
Sierra Wireless MP3G – UMTS/HSPAv3.8
Sierra Wireless Compass 885 (USB) [43]v3.28AKA Telecom New Zealand’s new XT network. Works a treat.USB
Silicon Labs MobiData GPRS USB Modemv3.22USB
Sprint U301/301U 4G wireless card [44]v4.6C-MOTECH Co, FW301DOWMX, QUALCOMM Patch 33504–Tested with v4.11 on RB433UAH, Data CH=1 Info CH=3 Phone #777 for Sprint in USUSB
Sprint U300/300U 4G wireless card [45]v4.6C-MOTECH Co, FW301DOWMX, QUALCOMM Patch 33504USB
Franklin M600 3G/4G wireless card [46]v5.xonly 3G mode worksMiniPCI-e
Verizon Express Network PC5220 (AirPrime 5220)v3
ZTE AC8700v3.6
ZTE MF620 / MF622 [47]v3USB
ZTE MF620 / MF622 (3G) [48]v3.6USB
ZTE MF680 [49]v5.4Used by 3 in Sweden. Set data chanel to 1USB
ZTE MF668 [50]v4.5for Rogers Wireless (Canada) Set APN: isp.apn and Info & Data Channel to 1USB
T-Mobile (Germany) Web´n´Walk Box Micro (Huawei E220) [51]v3.xUSB
Vodafone (Germany) Easybox 2 (Huawei E220) [52]v3.xUSB
O2 (Germany) Surfbox Mini (Huawei E220)[53]v3.xUSB
E-Plus & Base (Germany) USB Minimodem (Huawei E220) [54]v3.xUSB
Huawei E600v3.15
Novatel Merlin V640/XV620 [55]v3.15ExpressCard
Novatel Merlin V620/S620 [56]v3.15PCMCIA
Novatel Merlin EX720/V740/X720 [57]v3.15ExpressCard
Novatel Merlin V720/S720/PC720 [58]v3.15PCMCIA
Novatel Merlin XU870 HSDPA/3G [59]v3.15ExpressCard
Novatel X950D [60]v3.15ExpressCard
Novatel ES620/ES720/U720/USB720v3.15USB
Novatel E725/E726 [61]v3.15MiniPCI-e
Vodafone EU740/Novatel non-Vodafone EU740v3.15MiniPCI-e
Vodafone K3565/Huawei E160 [62]v3.23USB
Novatel EU850D/EU860D/EU870D [63]v3.15MiniPCI-e
Novatel MC930D/MC950D [64]v3.15USB
Novatel MC727/U727 [65]v3.15USB
Novatel Expedite EV620 CDMA/EV-DOv3.15MiniPCI-e
Novatel Expedite EU740 HSDPA/3G, Dell Wireless 5500 Mobile/Dell Wireless 5505 Mobilev3.15MiniPCI-e
Novatel Expedite E720 CDMA/EV-DOv3.15MiniPCI-e
Novatel Expedite ET620 CDMA/EV-DOv3.15
Onda H600/ZTE MF330v3.15
ZTE MY 39 (MSM 6500 based) [66]v3.20PCMCIA
Cricket A600v3.26
Globetrotter HSDPA Modem Option N.V.v3.26
Sony Ericsson MD300v3.26
ZTE MF 626 [67]v3.26USB
ZTE MF 627 [68]v3.26USB
Pantech / UTStarcom UM175v3.27On Alltel’s CDMA EVDO RevA network average 700-800kbps up and 2.4-2.8Mbps down
Novatel U760 [69]v3.30USB
ZTE K3565-Z [70]v4.4Revision: BD_P673A2V1.0.0B09USB
Novatel Expedite EV620v4.5MiniPCI-e
Novatel MC760 VMU [71]v4.5USB
Franklin Wireless FW300DOWMXv4.5
Huawei EC1260v4.5
Vodafone K3520-Z [72]v4.6USB
Vodafone K3765 [73]v4.6USB
Telstra 3G Elitev5.x
Vodafone Huawei K4505v5.xUnlocked work fine on Thinkpad
Vertex VW 110v5.xworks perfect, tested on RB433UAH, v5.2
ZTE MF112 [74]v5.xPower issues on mipsbe boardsUSB
Huawei ET127v5.x
Huawei EC1261v5.x
Huawei E173 [75]v5.xUSB
ZTE MF190 [76]v5.xUSB
ZTE MF102 [77]v5.xWorks! Possible that need to change data channel=2 and info channel=2USB
China TeleCom or ZTE AC682v5.x
Option Globetrotter GT380v5.x
Simcom 5220v5.x
Huawei K3770v5.x
USB551LNot supported*
Novatel Wireless MIFI4510Not supported
BandRich C501 [78]v5.8Only 3G support (No LTE support). Possible data-channel=0 and info-channel=2USB

* – Currently MikroTik RouterOS works with PPP 3G modems over serial interfaces, 4G modems with IP drivers are not supported.

Memory cards

NB! New flash cards need always formatting!


  • V – works
  • X – doesn’t work
  • ? – not tested
  • NA – not available for this RB
PQI 4GB 120x HiSpeedCFX?NA??
2GB Transcend 133xCFX?NA??
2GB Kingston 133x (Elite Pro, code CF/2GB-S2)CFV?NA??
4GB Kingston 133x (Elite Pro)CF?VNA??
4GB Kingston CF/4GBINCFX?NA??
8GB A-Data Speedy G08GNMC7B0095CFVVNA??
16GB A-Data SpeedyCFVVNA??
4GB Apacer Photo Steno IV 300XCFXXNA??
1GB Sandisk Ultra II BB05024GACFVVNA??
2GB Sandisk Ultra IICF?VNA??
8GB Sandisk Ultra IICF?VNA??
8GB SanDisk Extreme III (200X,30MB/s)CF?VNA??
2.5GB Seagate ST1 (ST625211CF)CF microdriveVVNA??
8GB Seagate ST1CF microdriveVVNA??
64MB NokiamicroSDNANA?V?
512MB KingstonmicroSDNANAV??
1GB ApacermicroSDNANAV??
1GB Kingston (SDC/1GB)microSDNANA?X?
2GB KingstonmicroSDNANAXX?
2GB TraxdatamicroSDNANA?V?
4GB Apacer SDHC (class 6)microSDNANAVX?
4GB AxizmicroSDNANAV??
4GB KingstonmicroSDNANAV??
4GB Kingston SDHC (C04G JAPAN class 4)microSDNANAV??
4GB Maxell SDHC (class 2) P-seriesmicroSDNANA??V
4GB Transcend SDHCmicroSDNANAV??
4GB Sandisk Mobile Ultra Micro SDHC (with card reader)microSDNANA?V?
8GB Sandisk SDHC (0733702482DLE)microSDNANAVV?
8GB Sandisk Mobile microSDHC (SDSDQ-8192-A11M)microSDNANA?V?
8GB Sandisk Mobile Ultra SDHC (Class 6)microSDNANA?V?
8GB Kingston SDHC (Class 4)microSDNANAVX?
8GB ADATA micro SDHC (AUSDH8GCL6) (Class 6)microSDNANA?V?
16GB Sandisk micro SDHC (SDSDQ-16384-P36M) class 2microSDNANANAX?
16GB Sandisk micro SDHC (0835B03279DQ) class 2microSDNANAVV?
2GB Sandisk micro SDHC class 2microSDNANANAXV

Note: Pushing the «Kingston SDHC 8GB card» all the way into the socket caused the card not to work properly! It had to be pulled out ~1mm for it to work!

802.11a/b/g wireless cards

ModelForm factorPlatformROSResult
TechnicLan TMP-5414AminiPCIAll RouterBOARDs2.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
CompexWLM54AG-20miniPCIRB1xx / RB3xx / RB4xx / RB5xx / RB6xx / x862.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
CompexWLM54A-26miniPCIRB1xx / RB3xx / RB4xx / RB5xx / RB6xx / x862.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
SparkLAN WMIA-165GminiPCIRB1xx / RB3xx / RB4xx / RB5xx / RB6xx / x862.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
SparkLAN WMIA-166AGminiPCIRB1xx / RB3xx / RB4xx / RB5xx / RB6xx / x862.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
SparkLAN WMIA-166AGHminiPCIRB1xx / RB3xx / RB4xx / RB5xx / RB6xx / x862.9 / 3.x / 4.xPerfect, Stable
Alfa AWPCI 085 HminiPCIRB1xx/RB333/RB4xx/x862.9&3.xAll just perfect
TP-Link TL-WN550/551PCIx862.9&3.xPerfect 19dB rated, stable at 21
TP-Link TL-WN650/651PCIx862.9&3.xPerfect 19dB rated, stable at 21. Unstable with compression activated
D-Link AG530 a/b/g (both rev.A1 and A2)PCIx862.9&3.xPerfect. Works perfect, in both 2.4 and 5.x GHz
D-Link DWL-G510PCIx86only 2.9.x testedPerfect. Tested Rev A1
D-Link DWL-G520PCIx862.9.x & 3.xWorks well.
D-Link DWL-G520+A/RaLink 2591 ChipsetPCIx864.9NOT Work!
Gigabyte b/g GN-WI01GTminiPCI-ex863.xWorks also in RouterBOARDs with miniPCI-e slot
Senao NL-2511CD EXT2PCMCIAx86&rb230only 2.9x testedPerfect. Just about the most sensitive card i used, in the good sense. Only 11b.
Planet WL-8310PCIx86only 2.9.x testedPerfect. Stability.
Netgear WG311T 108PCIx86only 2.9x testedPerfect. stability
SMC SMCWPCIT-GPCIx863.x testedPerfect on A/B/G.
Wistron DCMA-81miniPCIx86,rb2.9.xx, 3.xxPerfect on A/B/G with or without compression.
Wistron DCMA-82miniPCIrb3.xxWorks on some RB, but on 2/3 of my RB433 it causes the board to reboot when enabled. Many other people have had similar experiences. Not recommended. Maybe OK on 133
Senao NMP-8602miniPCIx86&rb4112.9x,3.x testedPerfect on a/b/g
Dbii F20miniPCIRB411 & RB4333.x testedPerfect on B/G, too thick for 3 in rb433
Dbii F50miniPCIRB411 & RB4333.x testedPerfect on A, too thick for 3 in rb433
Dbii F20-PROminiPCIRB411 & RB4333.x testedPerfect on B/G, too thick for 3 in rb433
Dbii F50-PROminiPCIRB411 & RB4333.x testedPerfect on A, too thick for 3 in rb433
Ubiquiti XR2miniPCIRB4333.xworks as advertised, too thick for 3 in rb433
Ubiquiti XR5miniPCIRB433, x863.xworks as advertised, too thick for 3 in rb433
Ubiquiti SR9miniPCIRB4333.xworks as advertised, thin enough to load 3 in RB433
Ubiquiti XR9miniPCIRB411 & RB4333.xworks as advertised, thin enough to place cards above, but antenna port may contact cards below
ValemountKXS30SGminiPCIRB4333.2 & 4.2 testedB/G only, no A. Big heat sink means card should be installed on highest mount when other cards being used. High power consumption can cause power problems, otherwise works perfectly.
Zcomax XG-650miniPCIRB112 & RB4334.2 & 4.6Not working (driver doesnt work / exist). It has a TI TNETW1130GVF chipset.
AR5BMB5miniPCIRB411,x863.xx, 4.3Not working. Atheros chipset.

802.11n wireless cards

ModelForm factorROSResult
SparkLAN WMIA-198NminiPCI4x, 5xPerfect, Stable
Compex WLM200N5-23miniPCI4.0b3Perfect, Stable
Compex WLM200NXminiPCI4.0b3Perfect, Stable
Dbii F52N-PROminiPCI5.1Stable
RouterBOARD R2NminiPCI4.0b3works
RouterBOARD R52NminiPCI4.0b3works
TP-Link Wireless N (2T2R)miniPCI4.0b3works
Ubiquiti SR71-AminiPCI4.0b3works
Ubiquiti SR71-AminiPCI4.0b3works

USB wireless cards

ModelForm factorROSResult
802 b/g/n AR9271USB5.0rc4works
802 b/g/n AR9271 Ubiquiti WiFiStationUSB (& VMWare)5.8 x86finds networks, should work


ModelForm factorPlatformROSResult
Farsite FarSync TE1PCIx863.15supported

Note: Since v3.15 RouterOS doesn’t support any Sync/T1/E1 cards except select Farsite models



Storage controllers (SAS/SCSI/RAID)

Post only tests since RouterOS v5beta5

HPSmart Array E200ix86v5rc1No
MegaraidMegaraid (some Dell servers)x86v5rc8Yes

LCD panels

BrandModelMotherboardRouterOSWorks / Doesn’t
CrystalfontzCFA-633v1.3x86v5RC7-RC10Didn’t work

Fuente: wiki mikrotik